Choosing the Right Mockup License: Which One Do You Need?

Did you know? You can use our mockups not only for self-promotion but also for ads and other promotions, which saves you a lot of time. In addition to our Standard License, we offer a Commercial MINI and a Commercial MAX License, depending on your needs and company size. To help you understand which license you need, here are some examples.


The Standard License is sufficient if you want to use our mockups to self-promote your projects to clients, in competitions, on your website, or on your social media without any paid promotion or resale. For example:

  • Say you’re a freelance designer and want to post your design with our mockup on Instagram without boosting it.
  • Say you are a larger agency with 50 employees and want to present your new branding project with our mockup to a client (for presentation purposes only).
  • Say you are an agency owner and want to use our mockup to showcase your portfolio on your website.
  • Say you’re a graphic design student and want to participate in a competition, using our mockup to showcase your design.


The Commercial License MINI is the right option if you or your client’s company has no more than three employees, and you want to use our mockup for your e-commerce shop, digital advertising, etc., for a single project. For example:

  • Say you’re in a small agency with up to three employees and are launching a social media campaign with our mockups for a client’s café, which also has a team of three.
  • Say you work in a company with two employees and want to advertise your new website with our mockup on social media.
  • Say you’re a photographer looking to sell your photos on Etsy using our mockups.
  • Say you have a brand of t-shirts and want to send out a free postcard using our mockup to showcase your t-shirt.


On the other hand, the Commercial MAX is the right choice if you want to use our mockups for unlimited promotion and/or if your client’s company has more than three employees. For example:

  • Say you work for a company with up to three employees and want to set up a campaign with our mockup that includes unlimited promotion, such as PR, social media, and print ads for a project.
  • Say you work in a small agency and want to use our mockup for a social media campaign for a client’s company with more than three employees.
  • Say you develop a website template and want to use our mockup as a placeholder.

Any further questions? You can find our License Agreement with full details here. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us.