• Screen SC-V4-02

Screen SC-V4-02

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This Screen Video Mockup is available as pre-composed After Effects template. You can add your image or motion design to a prepared pre-composition.

Use it to showcase your design in an even more dynamic and engaging way. For a flawless experience, make sure you use the latest version of Adobe After Effects.

    Adobe After Effects (AEP)

    • Edit options: design
    • 4K resolution and Apple ProRes 422LT
    • MM_Screen_SC-V4-02.aep

    1. Open the mockup in Adobe After Effects.

    2. Ad your video or image to the “YourDesignHere” composition.

    3. Return to the mockup composition and set the timeline to the length of your video. Optionally adjust the opacity of the shading composition in the timeline to your liking.

    That’s it!

    You want to use our mockups to self-promote your projects to clients, in competitions, on your website, or your social media without any paid promotion.

    You or your client’s company has no more than three employees, and you want to use our mockup for your e-commerce shop, digital advertising, etc., for a single project.

    You or your client’s company has more than three employees, and/or you want to use our mockup for unlimited promotion for a single project.

    Read more about licenses here.

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