What Are Mockups and Why Use Them?

A mockup is a visual tool essential in the design world, used to showcase your design draft or final version. It is the bridge between concept and realization, promoting smoother communication and allowing you to put your work into the proper spotlight. Mockups bring a design concept to life.

Why use mockups?

  • DESIGN CLARITY: Mockups provide a vivid and real image of the design, promoting better visualization.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: They act as valuable tools during presentations and pitches, ensuring that designers, stakeholders, and clients align in their understanding, thereby reducing potential misunderstandings and convincing minds.
  • SHOWCASING WORK: Whether showcasing your design on social media or participating in competitions, mockups help improve and highlight your portfolio.
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Mockups can save significant time, especially when creating newsletters, online ads, print runs, or presenting products in a webshop.

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